Putt Putt Pub Crawl


Putt Putt Pub Crawl Official Rules
Putt Putt Pub Crawl Official Scorecard

Grab Your Putter and Head to the Holes!

The best time you can have in Pinetop, the Putt Putt Pub Crawl, has nine stops (or holes) at El Rancho Restaurant, The Lodge Sports Bar & Grill, El Patron Mexican Food Restaurant, Charlie Clark’s, Matty’s Beef & Beer, The Chalet Restaurant, GreenTree Inn & Suites Altitude Bar, The Hungry Buffalo, and Ponderosa Lanes Bowling Alley Bar. At each stop, you and three team members will give it your best and—with any luck—use a putter to achieve a hole in one! Your actual number of putts is recorded by the venue’s official scorekeeper, and the team with the best overall low score will take home the first-prize cash award and trophy. Second and third place trophies and cash are also awarded.

Start at the designated location of your choice, so long as you stop at all holes, and make your way to El Rancho by 5 o’clock for tally and awards. Drink and food specials are typically offered at each stop.

The Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce brings the pub crawl to the White Mountain in March of each year. To join this year’s fun, click now to purchase team tickets.

You may pick up your T-shirts, scorecard, and rules at the chamber after noon on Friday, March 6th, or at 11 AM at El Rancho on March 8th. Please call (928) 367-4290 to ensure your shirts have arrived before stopping by. You may also print the scorecard and rules below.

2019 Winners of the 8th Annual Putt Putt Pub Crawl

Congratulations to the winners of the 8th Annual Putt Putt Pub Crawl

  2. SECOND PLACE: GOOD PUT, WRONG HOLE 2 (107 points)
  3. THIRD PLACE: COWBOY AWAY (112 points)
  4. Hustle & Flow (120 points)
  5. Shankalotapuss (121 points)
  6. Big Dick 2 (122 points)
  7. Pickled Putters (124 points)
  8. Charlie’s Cluster Putts (125 points)
  9. Fore Players (126 points)
  10. Drinkers & Sinkers (126 points)
  11. Hitsters (127 points)
  12. 4 Dimpled Ball Washers (128 points)
  13. Par-Tee Animals (128 points)
  14. Dimpled Balls (129 points)
  15. Big Dick 1 (129 points)
  16. Dysfunctional Games (129 points)
  17. Disturbed (130 points)
  18. Quack Attack (132 points)
  19. Putting with Our Parts (135 points)
  20. Four of a Kind (136 points)
  21. Miss Fits (137 points)
  22. Great Balls of Fire (138 points)
  23. Pine Haven (138 points)
  24. My Drinking Team has a Putt Putt Problem (141 points)
  25. Any Hole is Our Goal (148 points)
  26. This Putt’s 4 You (151 points)

See you next year!

2018 Winners of the 7th Annual Putt Putt Pub Crawl

Congratulations to the winners of the 7th Annual Putt Putt Pub Crawl

  1. FIRST PLACE: LOS CHINGONES (115 points)
  2. SECOND PLACE: BIG DICKS TEAM 2 (117 points—placed second in putt-off)
  3. THIRD PLACE: GETTING CHUNKY (117 points—placed third in putt-off)
  4. The Fore Girls (120 points)
  5. The Lost Balls (121 points)
  6. Mountain Mafia (122 points)
  7. Swab Team (125 points)
  8. Who’s Your Caddie (125 points)
  9. BFFs (Beer Friends Forever) (126 points)
  10. Just One More (126 points)
  11. Pickled Putters (130 points)
  12. Pine Haven (131 points)
  13. Four Play (133 points)
  14. This Putt’s for You (134 points)
  15. Thug Life (136 points)
  16. The Hanging Chads (143 points)

See you next year!