About Us

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About the Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce

At the Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce we are committed to providing the best-possible customer service to visitors and members alike. Being a part of the chamber is critical to your business growth; people do business with people they know, like, and trust. It is our job to give your business networking opportunities, so you can connect with like-minded business owners and create and community effort to provide our residents and visitors with the information they need and improve the quality of their residency or visit to our beautiful community.

Mission Statement

The Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce strives to promote tourism to improve the local business environment, foster a vibrant economy, and collaborate with the town, region, and state to enhance the overall economic quality of Chamber members’ businesses.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A chamber of commerce is a local organization made up of citizens and business owners with a common goal of promoting and advancing their local business and business interests. The Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce is also the town’s visitor center and we welcome dozens of vacationers in our office each day. This provides us with an opportunity to tell people about the businesses we support.

What Does Your Chamber Do for Members and Visitors?

The Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce offers many marketing and networking opportunities for their members—both online and offline—such as those listed to the right.

We also host the Welcome Center, which for many visitors is their first experience with our town. We provide brochures, fliers, and business cards of our members and help visitors to find the merchants, lodging, and service providers they need.

Chamber Website

The Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber website is an excellent resource for obtaining information about our members and the community. Our members are listed in the online directory with a detailed landing page and links to their social media accounts and website.

Membership Directory and Community Guide

The Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce annually publishes 10,000 copies of its membership directory and community guide. These guides are included in relocation and vacation packets mailed upon request and are provided to chamber visitors at no charge. The guides are distributed to all members of the chamber and to local restaurants, hotels, shops, and other businesses in the area to hand out to their customers. Chamber members who advertise in the guide and map increase their visibility in the community and to visitors.

Tourism and Street Maps

The Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce prints and distributes tourism and street maps to local realtors, hotels, businesses, and visitors who stop by our office. These maps also provide an advertising forum for chamber members who wish to gain visibility within the community and with visitors.

Ribbon Cuttings

Ribbon cuttings are held by the Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce at each new member’s business (or at the chamber for a home-based business). These events are open to the public and press. Photos and details of the event are provided to the White Mountain Independent and The Maverick Magazine for their publications and are a warm welcome to new businesses in the community.