• Lakes

  • With more than 65 lakes and streams, the White Mountains is an angler's paradise. Many species of fish inhabit the waters, but trout are the big draw.

    Whether you want to camp, or you'd rather put up in a motel or lodge and take day trips to the lakes and streams, the area offers accommodations to suit every taste.

    Both fishing and camping on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation require permits, which are available at all reservation lakes with full facilities. You can also pick them up at Hon Dah, at the juction of State Routes 260 and 73.

    Some sites are open year-round for fishing and camping, but many have stores and other facilities that don't open until varying dates in May, so it is advisable to call or write ahead.

    White Mountain Apache Wildlife & Outdoor Recreation
    Phone # 928-338-4385

    Arizona Game & Fish Department
    Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona
    Phone # 928-367-4271