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  • Lush meadows, towering mountain peaks, crystal-clear streams and deep blue lakes attract Arizona residents and tourists to the White Mountains. Whether fishing, hunting, camping, picnicking or passing through, you'll find the high country's recreational sites well-developed and well-maintained. The high country is covered with ponderosa pine, spruce, fir and aspen trees. Wildflowers decorate the rolling green meadows and lush ferns and moss carpet the forest floors. enjoy your camping experience, but always remember to treat Mother Nature with respect

    Throughout all twelve months of the year in Northern Arizona, one can usually find ideal conditions for camping. Camping sites are spread over the entire White Mountain area in a variety of terrains and elevations for nature lovers to enjoy. The 1.6 million acres of the White Mountain Apache reservation contain some of the state's cleanest and most well-maintained campsites. The higher elevations boast lush green forests of pine, spruce, fir and aspen trees while the lower country is covered with pinion pine, juniper, sycamore, and oak trees. Both are interspersed with rolling meadows and wildflowers.

    The White Mountain Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation division manages the wildlife resources and issues the permits required for picknicing, camping, fishing, and hunting. The department maintains more than 1,000 campsites complete with tables, fireplaces, sanitary facilities and other amenities. Campgrounds at Hawley Lake, Horseshoe Cienega and Reservation Lake are adjacent to store and boat rental concessions. The largest campsite at Sunrise Lake has 200 family units and a nearby boat rental and general merchandise outlet at Sunrise Resort

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    National Forest Camping Regulations

    1. A camping permit is required for each family* unit. A camping permit is required for each designated campsite used.A camping permit is required for each family* unit. A camping permit is required for each designated campsite used.
    2. Camping is restricted to DESIGNATED AREAS ONLY. These areas are marked with signs and will contain one or more of the following: picnic tables, fire ring, trash barrel, toilet facilities, and water outlets. Camping in any other area is PROHIBITED.
    3. Campgrounds are for the use of current permit holders only.
    4. Due to the hazards associated with swimming in lakes and streams, swimming is not allowed in any reservation waters.
    5. It is illegal to leave a burning campfire unattended.
    6. Make sure all campfire coals are out when leaving a campsite.
    7. Only dead or down wood may be collected to use in campfires. It is illegal to cut green trees or break off branches from green trees.
    8. Group permits are available in White River only.
    9. Is is illegal to destroy or deface signs or campground facilities.
    10. It is illegal to shoot any type of firearm or pneumatic weapon (air guns) in campgrounds.
    11. Do not drive off-road.
    12. Spotlighting of animals is prohibited.
    13. No camping within 15 yards of lake.
    14. Dogs must be on leash at all times.
    15. Friends or relatives (not immediate family) camping together in one tent or RV; one permit is required for up to three individuals; the fourth person is required to have a second permit., etc.
    16. ATV's (All-Terrain Vehicles) may not be operated on the Reservation.
    17. Keep music at reasonable volume. Respect other campers.
    18. Discharging firearms in campgrounds is prohibited.
    19. Do not dump sewage into lakes, streams, or campground areas.
    20. Tubing in streams is prohibited except in the Salt River Canyon area (a special river-running permit is require.)

    * A family consists of a husband, and wife and their unmarried children 18 or younger. A married child and his/her spouse and children constitute another family. Friends are required to have a separate permit.

    For campground information Please Call 1-877-444-6777 .

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