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  • The Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce has a special year planned for you and your family in the White Mountains of Arizona!

  • Of all the areas to visit, travelers would be hard-pressed to find a region that offers more - more natural beauty, more  history and culture, more recreation, more adventure, more memories - than Arizona's White Mountains.

    Here, sunny skies and four classic seasons enhance a variety of activities. In winter visitors can enjoy sledding or tobogganing, world-class downhill skiing & snow boarding, ice-fishing, cross-country skiing and of course world-class down hill skiing and snowboarding. Miles of groomed trails and first-rate facilities draw enthusiasts from around the world.

    Spring, too, is a special time. Frozen lakes and streams open themselves to fishermen (some of the best fishing of the year can be found in spring) boaters, hikers and sightseer's. Meadow grasses turn green and wildflowers dot the landscape. As the earth rejuvenates, so does the spirit.

    In summer, with stubborn patches of gleaming snows still clinging to her summits, the White Mountains offer visitors a variety of scenic attractions and an unlimited array of outdoor activities. Some 50 alpine lakes and 800 miles of cold, crystal clear rivers and springs draw visitors throughout the season to this mountain playground.

    Autumn is for many their favorite season, when the land and its inhabitants prepare for the coming snows. The White Mountains offer a change of colors to rival any in the nation, with the added pleasure of relative solitude. Wildlife is abundant, trails are not crowded. Hunters and fishermen enjoy spectacular sport, hiking and sightseeing are at their best.


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